My Raspberry Pi Setup

Raspberry Pi Model B

I’m using an original Raspberry Pi Model B with 512mb of RAM.

It’s running Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy).

I’ve also installed the following to allow the Channel Changing functionality:

sudo apt-get install xscreensaver*

My current settings are Random Screen Saver; Blank and Cycle after 1 minute. There are hundreds of screensavers available: current favorites: BoxFit, CloudLife, Deco, Deluxe, Demon, FuzzyFlakes, Goop, Grav, Kaleidoscope, Moire, Penrose, Phosphor, Pong, PopSquares, Rocks, Squiral, Substrate, WhirlWindWarp, XAnalogTV.


sudo apt install python3
sudo pip3 install pynput
sudo apt install python3-gpiozero

My custom channel changer script is also available on GitHub.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

## Changes the 'channel' on my TV Fish tank:
## -Two pole switch connected via GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi
## -deactivates the screensaver and changes the background picture

# Import modules
import glob
import random
import os
from gpiozero import Button
from pynput.mouse import Controller
from signal import pause
from subprocess import call

# Initialize mouse controller
mouse = Controller()
# Initialize button on GPIO pin 2
button = Button(2)

# Store directory of wallpapers in variable

# Sets initial mouse position away from center of screen
mouse.position = (0, 50)

# Define action to be taken when button is pressed or released
def action():
# Deactivate screensaver and move mouse away from center of screen
    os.system("xscreensaver-command -deactivate")
    mouse.position = (0, 50)
# Select a random wallpaper from the directory
    random_file = random.choice(glob.glob(wp_directory))
# Set the wallpaper using pcmanfm
    call(["pcmanfm", "--set-wallpaper=" + random_file])

# Set action to be taken when button is pressed or released
button.when_pressed = action
button.when_released = action

# Pause program execution until button is pressed or released